Background of Institution:

1952 -53       Basic Training School.

1975 – 76      Teacher Training Institute (TTI)

1989 – 90       District Institute of Education and Training.

Branches of DIET:

PSTE     : Pre-Service Teacher Education.

CMDE   : Curriculum, Material Development and Evaluation

IFIC       : In-Service Field Interaction and Co-Ordination

WE        : Work Experience.

P&M      : Planning and Management

ET          : Education Technology

DRU       : District Resource Unit.

Functions of DIET:





A. Course offered: 2 year diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.).

(Admissions are made through state level exam DEECET by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh every year usually in the month of May)

About D.El.Edn.

A.   Pre-service Teacher Education:

 1)      Two year D.El.Ed Course:

The 2 year D.El.Ed course which is commitment oriented competency based and performance targeted to prepare competent teachers for quality Elementary education. It has the following objectives. To equip the student- teachers with:

The knowledge of aims and perspectives of elementary education including preschool education.

Necessary professional skills especially in handling classes in multi grade and multi-level teaching.

 The necessary knowledge and skills for ensuring quality Education for All.

Managerial and planning skills needed for effective management of classroom and school

The knowledge of learner centered, competency based teaching-learning strategies to help the child to construct knowledge.

Necessary inputs relating to ICT, Art Education, Work Experience, Health and Physical Education.

Necessary   skills   to   teach   and   assess    (CCE)   curricular   areas    like Languages,Mathematics, General Science and Social Studies etc.

 The competencies to deliver lessons in the classroom using Educational Technology (Information and Communication Technology).

The knowledge of the objectives envisaged inNCF-2005 RTE-2009 .

The knowledge of of Central and State Government Schemes / Projects like SSA/RMSA/ KGBVs /MDM / Model Schools / Open Schools etc.

The concept and importance of Inclusion in Education. The Knowledge and importance of inculcation of Life skills and values.

2)      Working days of DIET:

The first year D.El.Ed trainees have 220 working days ( including 40 days teaching practice & Internship and 10days IOP)@ six instructional hours per day .The Second year students having 220 working days( including 60 days for Teaching Practice &Internship Programme) @ 6instructional hours per one day.  

3)      Papers/Subjects of Study – D. El. Ed. – First Year

There are 10 papers/Subjects for study in the First Year Course.

General Papers

Paper –I : Childhood and the Development ofChildren Paper –II : Society, Education and Curriculum

Paper –III : Early Childhood Care and Education (Pre-Primary & Early Primary Edn.)

Methodology Papers

Paper –IV : Pedagogy of Mother Tongue/ First Language at Primary Level Paper –V : Pedagogy of Mathematics at Primary Level

Value Added and Co-curricular Subjects

Paper -V1 : Pedagogy across Curriculum and ICT Integration Paper -VII : Art & Cultural Education

Paper –VIII : Yoga, Physical & Health Education

Self Development Courses

Paper -1X : Towards Self-Understanding-I Paper –X : Proficiency in English Language

4)      Papers/Subjects of Study – D. El. Ed. – Second Year

There are 10 papers/Subjects for study in the Second Year Course

General Papers

Paper -I: Education in Contemporary India

Paper -II: Integrating Gender and Inclusive Perspectives in Education Paper -III: School Culture, Leadership and Teacher Development Methodology Papers

Paper -IV: Pedagogy of English at Primary Level (Classes I to V) Paper -V: Pedagogy of EVS at Primary Level (Classes I to V)

Paper -VI: Pedagogy of Elementary Level Subject – Optional Telugu/ English / Maths / Science/ Social Studies (classes VI-VIII)

Value Added and Co-curricular Subjects

Paper -VII: Work & Education

Paper -VIII: Value Education & Life Skills Paper -IX: Yoga, Physical & Health Education Self Development Courses

Paper -X: Towards Self Understanding-2

5)      External Examination (Theory Papers)

Out of 10 papers/subjects of study, in each year of D.El Ed course the Final external examination will be conducted only to the following 6 papers/subjects for 70 marks each by the DGE, Andhra Pradesh

6)      Internal Evaluation:

The internal evaluation is to be made for 30 marks as per the division mentioned below.

Summative Examination
Two summative examinations, one in the middle of the Academic Year (Half-yearly) and the other as Pre-final examination, shall be conducted for 70 marks and later be reduced to 10 marks.

Field Based Projects

             Field-based Projects are to be conducted for all the General Papers, Methodology papers, Valued Added and Co-curricular Subjects and also Self-development Courses.

    Every student teacher is supposed to write 4 assignments under each Paper in the during course. For internal assessment, 10 marks are allotted.

7.  Institutional Observation Programme (IOP):
The Institutional Observation Programme (IOP) is a hands on experience programme through which the teacher trainee will be exposed to different schooling systems to familiarize themselves with the existing scenario of the school activities. During the first year course, the student teachers have to visit different types of schools for 10 days under Institutional Observation Programme (IOP)

8)   Teaching Practice & Internship

Each trainee is expected to prepare a separate period plan for each period and teach accordingly. S/he should stay whole day at school and take part in school practices which includes observations, collection of data for the field based practicum records. The data pertaining to all field based practicum shall be collected during the school attachment period. In the first and second year the trainees have to attend for TP/Internship for 40days and 60 days respectively.

9) Classroom Observation and Reflective Journal

Every student teacher is expected to write a journal on his experiences during the period of teaching practice in each methodology subject. He/she shall reflect on his/her classroom experiences, children learning, impact of various strategies of teaching, relationship with children and his/her feelings etc.

10)    Action Research

Action Research is mandatory for every student teacher. S/he can take up Action Research in the methodology subject 25 marks allotted for this.

11)    Final Practical Lessons

Final practical (final lesson) will be conducted at the end of the first and second year in methodology subjects and value added and co-curricular subjects as per the schedule communicated by the Director for Government Examinations, Andhra Pradesh. The final lessons will be evaluated by the internal as well as external examiners appointed by the DGE in consultation with the Director, SCERT, Andhra Pradesh.

12)  List of Records in First Year:

             1)    Field Project Records-10

             2)    Assignment Records-10

             3)    Teaching Practice cum Internship Record—6

             4)    Assessment (CCE) Records –2

             5)    Classroom Observation &Reflective Journal-2

             6)    Action Research Record—1

    7)         Institutional Observation (IOP) record-1

List of Records in Second Year

1)    Field Project Records-10

2)    Assignment Records-10

3)    Teaching Practice cum Internship Records—7

4)    Classroom Observation &Reflective Journal-3

5)    Assessment (CCE) Records –3

6)    Action Research Record—1

13.  Seminars/Extension lectures

Seminars / extension lectures will be organized regularly over the academic year once in a week. The teacher trainee of the D.El.Ed. course should be encouraged to participate actively in the seminars.
14.  Other curricular Activities

Other curricular activities which influence the academic activities shall be organized over the academic year during the institutional or out of institutional hours under the guidance of the Lecturers as per the institutional plan. The other curricular activities include:
■ work experience activities,
■ games and sports,
■ cultural activities 

■ work shops 
■ club activities 
■ community awareness activities

 Educational tours, etc.

The day wise programmes have been designed and being implemented in the DIET, Vomaravalli.

6SaturdayCultural activities

15.TLM Work Shop:

To give guidance to the teacher trainees Teaching Learning Material (TLM) Work Shop was conducted in March  and November . Teacher trainees prepared TLM subject wise i.e., Telugu , English, Maths, and EVS .The prepared TLM was exhibited.

16.Lab Experience:

There is Computer Lab, Library,, Psychology lab, Science lab; students were sent for all these labs every week for practical exposure.

17.Work Experience Activities:

Work Experience was given more importance in the DIET to enable the teacher trainees to know the dignity of labour. Environmental Education groups were formed to maintain clean and green in the campus to make our DIET Swachha Vidyalaya.

18.  Celebration of important Days:

All the National and International days were celebrated in the DIET i.e., World Environment day, Population day, Independence day, Teachers day, Childerens day, Republic day, Worlds literacy day, World AIDSday, International womens day, National Science day etc.

19.Organization of Clubs:

Various clubs were formed in the institute by the D.El.Ed trainees i.e., Ramanujan Maths Club, Science Club, and NGC Club they conducted various activities.

20.Games and Sports:

Games and sports are integral part of the D.El.Ed course, there is a Physical Education Department at Govt DIET,Vomaravalli Games are practiced regularly in the hostel campus by the students. Competitions in games and sports are conducted for Independence day and Republic day. The District Level Sports and Cultural Meet was held in January 2017 The D.El,Ed students have bagged prizes in State Level DIETs Sports and Cultural meet held at Guntur in January 2017.

21.Seminars and Quiz competitions:

Quiz competitions, Essay writing, Elocution competitions, Seminars cultural programmes were conducted every week.

22.Student Committees:

Student leaders and committees were elected among the teacher trainees for smooth and effective function of the Students Managed Hostel Govt. DIET, Vomaravalli and this will develop leadership qualities among students.

23.Guidance for DSC/TRT:

The teacher trainees were given guidance by the DIET faculty for /DSC (District Selection Committee) teacher recruitment test (TRT) every week through special classes.

24.Yoga and Meditation:

Students were given orientation on Yoga and meditation .Yoga camp was conducted for the trainees during the year . Medical camps were also conducted to check the health of the students. Students were given

orientation on Life Skills Education Adolescence Education, etc. for their all round development.

25.Innovations implemented:

 Projects, experiments and case studies are taken up by student teachers.

Small scale researches are also planned to conduct by the teacher trainees in groups.

The honest box, the question box, the wall magazine is being implemented in the DIET.

  Book reviews are taken up once in a week by the teacher trainees.

*   Songs, short stories, working models are being prepared by the teacher trainees

26.Annual Examinations:

Annual examinations for the II year DEd course will be conducted by the Director for Govt Examinations Andhra Pradesh.

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